A new programmatic advertising marketplace from 

Kroger Precision Marketing



 Unleash first-party targeting capabilities 

Brands and marketers deserve better targeting and measurement than what the traditional programmatic space can offer. 

The Kroger Private Marketplace unleashes the power of first-party retail data in a way that safeguards our customers' information—and proves more effective for brands.  




Make buying easier while driving performance


With the Kroger Private Marketplace, advertisers will have self-service access to:

Exclusive IP Targeting

Reach incremental households through first-party data

Flexible Activation  

Transact seamlessly within existing client tech stacks

Secure Data  

Guard data privacy and brand safety


Meaningful Measurement

Optimize performance against attributable sales and ROAS



How The J.M. Smucker Co. and Kroger are shaping the next chapter of programmatic media

Programmatic media—and all of digital advertising—is at an inflection point. Consumers are in the driver’s seat today —controlling how and when their data is shared.

In this world of increased expectations, retailers have emerged as the unexpected new standard-bearers for a more accountable media ecosystem. The closed-loop reporting of retail media—the ability to compare a media exposure to online and in-store sales—means that greater-accountability for performance is baked-in to the retail media business.

Companies like the J.M. Smucker Co. are partnering with retailers to shape this next chapter of programmatic media.



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